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'Design and Innovation' in school curriculum (
pdf Version 198 kb)
by IDC, IIT Bombay
- the report of the national meet on introducing 'Design and Innovation' in school curriculum.
- outcome of the National meet held at IDC, IIT Bombay during February 2009

The 'National Design Policy' (pdf version)
by Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Ministry of Commerce
- The Union Cabinet approved on 8th of February 2007, the 'National Design Policy'.
- The vision behind initiating a ‘National Design Policy’ is to have a “design enabled Indian industry” which could impact both the national economy and the quality of life in a positive manner.

Proposal for ‘Empowering Communication/Graphic Design Education’ in India
(pdf document 79K)
- Recommendations towards Graphic Design Education in India - outcome of the National meet held at IDC, IIT Bombay during February 2007 during 'Icograda Design Week in India'

India Design Report by CII' (pdf version)
The report focusses on the design industry in India. This report is the outcome of a survey done in the year 2009.

Report on 'Design as a Strategy for a Developing Economy'
(pdf version 272 kb)
- outcome of the 'National Design Committee' appointed by the government in 1989

Ahmedabad Declaration on Industrial Design for Development (pdf version 95 kb)(from design for india blog site - pdf 11.1 mb)
- Outcome of the meeting for the promotion of 'Industrial Design in Developing Countries' held at the National Institute of Design Ahmedabad in 1979 convened by UNIDO in close cooperation with ICSID. This set forth a plan of action and made major recommendations in support of 'Industrial Design for Development'.

India Report(from NID Website) (pdf version)
by Charles Eames
- This seminal vision report (on a programme of training in design in India) was prepared in 1958 in response to a request by the Government of India.

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