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Ram Mohan: Biography

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Graduated in Science from the University of Madras and later gave up post-graduate studies to join the Cartoon Films Unit, Films Division, government of India in 1956.He received training in animation techniques from Clair H. Weeks of Walt Disney Studios, under the US Technical Aid program.

Scripted, designed and animated many of Cartoon Film unit's productions from 1960 to1967, including 'Homo Saps' which won the National Award for Best Experimental Film, 1967, and 'Chaos' which won an Award at the Leipzig Festival of short Films in1968. He participated in the 1967 world retrospective of Animation Cinema in Montreal. In 1968 he left Films Division and joined Prasad Productions as chief of their animation division. In 1972 established his own production company, Ram Mohan Biographics.

1956- Training from Clair Weeks under US Technical Aid Programme
and then worked at Cartoon Film Unit at Films Division.

1967- Participated in 'World Expo of Animation Cinema', Montreal, Canada and got to work with Norman Mc Laren at International films Division for 6 weeks

1968- Joined Prasad Studios as head of their Animation Department

1972- Started his own studio called 'Ram Mohan Biographics'

1990- Collaborated with Yogo Sako from Japan for co-production of cartoon series 'Ramayana'

1995- 'Meena' and 'Sara cartoon series with UNICEF

1997- Joined hands with UTVand stated RM-USL later re-christened as UTV toons

2001- Chairman of Grafiti studio - doing 2D, 3D and CGI

1969- National Award for the Best Film on family planning, “Baap Re Baap”.

1972- National Award for the Best Animation Film; “You Said it”.

1974- He was commissioned to script, design and direct a series of educational films on population and environment, “Down to Earth” for the International Planned Parenthood Federation and the Family Planning Association of India.

1996- Communication Arts Guild Hall of Frame award for Life Time achievement. Series director:“Meena” for UNICEF, a series of 13 episodes dealing with issues concerning the girl child in south Asia.

2001- Advertising Club Award 'ABBY' for Life Time Achievement.

2002- Chairman, Graphiti Multimedia, Pvt. Ltd

2003- I.D.P.A. “Ezra Mir” award for Life-Time Achievement. Broadcast India

1968- script, design, direction- “Baap re Baap” produced by Prasad Productions, Madras- 11 min, 35 mm, colour - National Award for the best short film on Family Planning, 1969.

1971- script, design, direction: “You Said It” Produced by Prasad Productions for Film Division -10 min, 35mm, colour, National Award for the best film in 1972

1972- script, design, direction: Down to Earth- Part 1: “The Friendly Planet” produced by Prasad Productions for the Family Planning Association of India - 12 min, 35mm, colour.
Down to Earth- Part 2:“The Ravaged Elements”- 12 min, 35mm, colour.

1973- Down to Earth- Part 3: “The Island of Graph” produced by Prasad Productions, for EPAI, - 12 min, 35mm, colour

1974- Down to Earth- Part 4: “The Fourth Revolution” - produced by Ram Mohan Biographics For EPAI, 12 min, 35mm, colour.

1983- design and direction:“Fire Games”- Produced by Shilpa Bharati Publicity -10 min, 35mm, colour.

1984- National Award for the Best Animation Film- “Fire Games”

1989- design and direction: “Taru” Produced for Children's Film Society of India-18 min, 35mm, colour.

1992- Co-direction (along with Koichi Sasaki of Japan) “Ramayana” The Legend of Prince Rama' Tokyo -135mins, 35mm, colour.

1992- Inducted into the IAAFA Hall of Fame by the Indian Academy of Advertising Film Art.

1994- Produced in Co-operation with ACCU, Tokyo “The White Elephant” based on an Indian- Fable.

1995- Project "Meena" with UNICEF - 13 episodes with 20-25 artists - collaborated with FII Cartoons, Manila
Project "Sara" with UNICEF


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