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Benoy Sarkar (1938 - 2011)

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Benoy Sarkar left a visible mark in the field of graphic design in India. His contribution towards corporate communications has much to be appreciated and are examples of good effective design. He designed many of the iconic logos of corporations that are an expression of simplicity with elegant representation of the meaning of the organisation. These were a great combination of making use of syntactics of form with semantics of representation.

The study and appreciation of various cultures interested him considerably and can be seen as elements of design in his works. He had the privilege of learning from masters like Paul Rand and Alvin Eisenmann during his studies at the Yale University in the USA. In the design works he did, he was able to translate these learning's into appropriate graceful functional solutions.


Works 1 -Identity - logos

Works 2 -Exhibitions, Posters and Manuals

Logos & Identity

Other works

   Cultural Map of India, 1985               Cultural Map of India, 1985  

* Some of the images/text in this section courtesy 'The Korean Design Journal' and thanks to Sudarshan Dheer for sharing the documents

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