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Design related Competitions

Design related Competitions in the year 2005:
India + International


This is a listing of Design Competitions based in India.

For International Design Competitions: click here


Participate in 'Vision of the Future'

     - Invitation to children in the age group of 5 to 15 years, from across the globe, to participate in expressing their own vision of the future (sent as a drawing), along with a wish for the future (expressed in words in about 1 or 2 sentences). .
:        Last Date: December 10th 2005


Katha-EU Urban Design Award

     - an India country-level Search for excellence from amongst students of design and architecture in the following seven cities: Ahmedabad . Bangalore . Chennai . Delhi . Hyderabad . Mumbai . Kolkata.
:        Last Date: November 15th 2005

9th Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF 2006)

     - MIFF 2006 for Documentary, Short and Animation Films request submission of entries.
The last date for submission is extended till 5th November 2005
More details and forms at:

:        Last Date: November 5th 2005


Businessworld-NID Design Excellence Awards

     - Businessworld & National Institute of Design invite individuals, corporate
houses and students to submit their entries in the various categories such as Home, Person, Office, Mobility, Healthcare, Society and Future
The participation fee is as follows:
  . Corporates & Design houses – Rs. 10,000/- per entry
    . Individual designers – Rs. 7,500/- per entry
    . Students – Rs. 500/- per entry

More details at:
:        Last Date: October 31st 2005

'Usability Matters' sponsored Competitions

     - Usability Matters Organisation (UMO) is hosting two new competitions
towards its World Usability Day activities (3rd November 2005 at
Hyderabad), follow the links below to check them out:
     - Competition for identifying a Bad Design:
     - Competition for Cartoons on 'Frustrations caused by Technology':
:        Last Date: October 3rd 2005

India Competitions Online 2005

Students online Designing competition in India - the Competition will test your skills to the extremes.
:        Last Date: Registration deadline - October 5th 2005

International Design Competition Osaka 2005

     - E N E R G Y – Sustainable and Enjoyable Life –
- the main theme of this competition is E N E R G Y under three sub-
       themes as follows:
sub-theme 1 Livingware
       - sub-theme 2 Living atmosphere
       - sub-theme 3 Living environment
:        Last Date: October 31st 2005


designboom + Electrolux design competition

     - ‘imagine the home in 2020’
- how will we live? how will we entertain our guests?
     - how will we keep our homes clean? ...
     - this student design competition, looks for household appliances for our
       future well-being, product ideas around cleaning, storing, cooking
:        Last Date: September 22nd 2005


Shankar's International Childrens Competition 2005: Competition for Children's Books
- Children’s Book Trust (CBT) invites manuscripts for the XVII Competition for Writers of Children’s Books 2005

     - Fiction, Non-fiction, Short Stories, Concept Books, Read Aloud Books
Deadline: August 31st, 2005

Plasticon Awards 2005: Competition for Plastics Applications
- Plastindia Foundation has instituted Plasticon Awards to promote and encourage Innovation and Excellence in all segments of the Plastic Industry
     - Packaging, Recycling, Materials. Student Awards, etc
Deadline: August 31st, 2005

International Bicycle Design Competition

    - The Bicycle Design Competition is sponsored by the Department of
      Industrial Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. and managed
      and produced by the Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center, Taiwan
:        Last Date: August 15th 2005

Design concept 2005: its a concept-based international award
     - a red dot award
- Product Design: Mobility, Domestic Aid, Entertainment, Interior, Productivity, Workplace, Interaction & Communication, Habitat, Life Science, Safety, Green, Fashion, Recreation.

     - Communications Design: Print, Multimedia, Broadcast, Packaging.
Deadline extended till: August 15th, 2005


Shape the future of Mobile Communications
     - sponsored by Nokia
- Design for consumers of any age, any segment of your choice that
     allows them to communicate in a more efficient, convenient and joyful
:        Last Date: July 31st 2005


Shape the future of the Windows-based PC experience
     - sponsored by Microsoft and IDSA
- As Microsoft Windows celebrates its 20th anniversary, Microsoft and IDSA want to envision the future with you by offering a unique challenge. Whether you're an established design team, an independent designer, or a student, here's your chance to help shape the future of the Windows-based PC experience and to win up to .........
:        online submission between May 18 and October 3, 2005


Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces
- Product Design: Mobility, Domestic Aid, Entertainment, Interior, Productivity, Workplace, Interaction & Communication, Habitat, Life Science, Safety, Green, Fashion, Recreation.

Communications Design: Print, Multimedia, Broadcast, Packaging.
Deadline: June 1, 2005

Katha Chitrakala Award 2005!
- Inviting illustrators & writers, painters & storytellers with a magical style and a way with colours. Create your best story for the Katha Chitrakala Award 2005! Grand prize: Rs. 1,00,001
Deadline: May 31st, 2005



  Award-Competition: KC Mahindra Award
     For Excellence in Automotive Design
open to all students, no entry fee, prize Rs 100,000 - 25,000
            March 25





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